Corrective hair color is a color process that must be performed by a professional hair colorist to correct any and all damage caused by a color service gone wrong. At Creative Color and Cuts we take pride in knowing exactly what it takes to get you back on the right track.

This could mean something as simple as you wanted to be honey blonde and ended up with platinum blonde hair or something as drastic as a chemical being left on your hair too long and reconstructive and repair treatments are needed. Please note that some corrective processes take more than one session to acheive the desired result. Here are a few reasons why your hair color may fall into the Corrective category:

  • Correct at home or other salon color
  • Remove unwanted hues
  • Help restore your hair’s health, so you can get and keep the color you want
  • Get rid of “Blorange” Blondes
  • Lighten or darken you hair or just areas of it, such as ends or roots
  • Return your color to its natural shade

Hair in the wrong hands can be unpredictable. For those of you who do it at home, you may not realize that at home hair color causes your hair to dry out and will absorb more color than the average person creating an uneven look. If your hair color was a result of a salon visit, you may have been working with someone who may have been inexperienced.

We find it is important, before jumping right in to getting your hair back to the desired color, that you are aware of what we take into consideration beforehand. The condition of your hair is extremely important to us. Corrective Services can be a lengthy process in worst case scenarios to avoid any further damage to your hair. Therefore an in person consultation is highly recommended for the best results.

Depending on how damaged or weak your hair is upon your first visit, we may need to look into repair options before executing the color process. The cost is determined by the amount of work needed to achieve the best result. Only after we’ve gathered all the facts and discussed the options thoroughly with you, will we determine what plan works best for fixing your hair color problem.